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'Dream Of Me'showcases the incredible talent and beautiful voice of new Mercury Music signing, Kristina Train.  This EP presents a collection of timeless sounding songs performed by an artist with a unique and stunning vocal which gives her music its own clear identity.   Like many classic and timeless songs and artists these tracks transcend genres and have an enduring appeal.  Kristina's approach to writing music is simple - she tries to make the notes themselves illustrate life.

As a taster of what's to come, with her album 'Dark Black'planned for release later this year,'Dream Of Me'sets the bar high.  In an era of reality TV created pop stars reliant on high production costs Kristina's talent shines through.  No gimmicks, Kristina is all about natural talent and the songs themselves. 

The opening lines of the breezy and elegant 'Dream Of Me'instantly conjure up memories of some of the most loved singers of all time.  Her soulful, rich, expressive and heartfelt delivery immediately set her apart from being just another female singer songwriter.  Kristina has the rare gift of being able to communicate a wide range of emotions in just a matter of words. 

The EP was recorded in London and like the forthcoming album the songs were put together with Martin Craft as well a track written with Ed Harcourt.  Since moving to London full time in 2011 Kristina has worked very closely with Martin on perfecting her melody driven sound; a mix of organic and synthetic sounds all complemented by Kristina's natural and distinctive vocal. They've taken a modern production approach to timeless sounding songs.

Although born in New York City, Kristina was raised by her school-teacher mother in Savannah, Georgia from the age of 9.    Kristina was in and out of school choirs and bands and by a young age she was also a classically accomplished violin player.  The Southern influence can be heard in her bluesy vibrato, which adds yet another dimension to this lush debut EP.

Citing a wide and eclectic list of influences (including Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen) music has always played the central role in Kristina's life.  At 30 years old this is something Kristina has been working towards her entire life. There was only ever one path she was going to take.  The path has not always been easy but Kristina has always stayed committed and the results speak for themselves.

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